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For the one

with ideals.who's aware.who leads.with DRIVE.

It's all about energy

Electrical, mechanical, nuclear… We think of energy as such a literal thing to “do” something for us. Energy is much more than that.

We the people ARE energy.

We are the most powerful source of energy because with energy comes the potential of vision and, most importantly, change.

The world has transformed because of those with a vision for a more sustainable, more exciting, and brighter future. DRIVE Eyewear celebrates and honors those people.


Patrick Ho, Founder

Patrick’s drive (ironically) is to lead not by sight but by his unwavering faith in the greater good.

After graduating college in Canada, Patrick began working in the eyewear industry in the United States. In 1990, he acquired Rochester Optical Manufacturing Company in Rochester, NY and quickly grew the business to a diversified global powerhouse.

As a Tesla Model S P100D (with Ludicrous) owner, Patrick has been a long-time Tesla aficionado. He first-handily experienced the revolution of electric vehicles (EV’s) in 2014 when he test drove the original Model S and was blown away by the high (and clean) performance.


Since then, his passion for green energy and reducing his carbon footprint led him to co-found Tesla Owners Club New York State (TOCNYS) in 2018, which is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As president, Patrick leads the club’s mission of accelerating New York’s transition to sustainable energy and the adoption of EV’s statewide.

As his adoration for the eco-friendly lifestyle and brand values grew, Patrick wanted to connect even further. Knowing Tesla continues to be at the forefront of innovation, Patrick saw the opportunity to merge the elegance of the vehicle design into an international eyewear brand.

Thus, DRIVE was born – the world’s first eyewear inspired by both Tesla’s aesthetics and Tesla’s core function of providing better vision for drivers.

Life in forward motion.

Energy flows where intention goes…

DRIVE Eyewear is deeply inspired by the ingenuity, impact, and long-term vision of Tesla. Our brand is not directly connected to Tesla Motors Inc. or the Musk family in any way.

Transcending S3XY design in eyewear

The Design

The curvature of the eyewear mimics the shape of Tesla vehicles. The repeaters (side front cameras) are accentuated on either side of the arms symbolizing the wide range of vision. The nose bridge highlights the grill of a Model S and X.

The Execution

The result is a minimalistic, yet statement-making look that reflects that of a Tesla. DRIVE also embodies Tesla’s core function of providing vision better than even a radar. People who wear DRIVE have similar vision – figuratively, that is.

For Those Who See A Brighter Future

We do not want just anyone to wear DRIVE.

This eyewear is for those who have genuine compassion for humanity. They are those who are driven by the well-being of self and others. They leave the world better than the way they found it. They respect life.

As written in Genesis 2:15, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” Those who wear DRIVE understand this to their core. They protect nature and are one with it.

Whether you wear Giga, Tera, Lith, or Maye, our sincerest hope is that you become more aware of your own drive to improve the earth through conscious decision-making that will lay the foundation for future generations.

Patrick Ho, Founder